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#WiltenCare Programme: Mental Health & Wellbeing

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Wilten Construction is a people business, committed to providing the very best of construction experience for all.

The 10th October 2021 marked World Mental Health Day and is a great opportunity to share with you some the outstanding work being done by #TeamWilten as part of our #WiltenCare Programme; starting with Mental Health & Wellbeing.

The #WiltenCare programme is an initiative launched by the owners at the inception of the business with a clear strategy; focused on building community at our core, in favour of corporate, valuing people over profits.

Mental Health support for #TeamWilten

Whilst the construction industry can be a rewarding and varied industry to work within, Wilten Construction recognises that it is also one where pressures can be high, and people can be more likely than average to experience work-related stress and other mental health issues and everyone here that forms part of #TeamWilten values the mental health and wellbeing of everyone we work with.

The #WiltenCare programme works towards building an environment where our employees, supply chain and client teams alike feel comfortable to come forward to us and mention that something’s wrong or ask a colleague to talk; no matter the concern or issue.

Our commitment is to ensure every site has a Mental Health First Aid Trained member of staff and raise the industry standard.

Naim Basha, Managing Director

Under the #WiltenCare programme, #TeamWilten have taken 5 key steps to build a supportive culture around mental health in construction, summarised below.

  1. By signing the Mental Health Charter, Wilten Construction has made a serious commitment to improve mental health in the construction industry;

  2. As part of our induction process across the business we make our staff and (where relevant) our supply chain aware of our employee assistance programme and the Construction Industry Helpline;

  3. Our site teams are equipped and resourced to carry out an interactive ‘tool box talk‘ to raise awareness about mental health, teach people to recognise signs that colleagues might need some support, and get conversation started;

  4. All of our management team have received training to know what to do when somebody mentions a mental health issue;

  5. Everyone at #TeamWilten has received Mental Health Awareness Training in partnership with our training provider First On Scene. In addition to this, every one of our construction sites will have a site-based Mental Health First Aider.

Wellbeing for #TeamWilten
We are committed to raising the bar for our employees, going above and beyond as an employer in recognition of the hard work and dedication provided by our phenomenal team

Jason Bright, Operations Director

Since starting the business, Wilten Construction have provided all our employees with private health insurance through our supply chain partners Vitality Healthcare. The group policy provides #TeamWilten with 24/7 access to a GP, access to high quality health care and rewards for healthy living, along with a host of other key member benefits.

This week, as part of the #WiltenCare programme continuation, we finalised and announced our Group Life Scheme to the business.

We value every member of #TeamWilten. Anyone who works directly for us as part of #TeamWilten is rewarded fairly with equality in the employee perks provided.

Matt Fry, Director

The Group Life Insurance policy is our commitment to look after our workforce as they continue to look after us. In addition to the insurance, the policy procured with our selected provider unum provides our people with a whole host of additional employee Health & Wellbeing perks; such as counselling, a comprehensive employee assistance programme, legal assistance and much much more.

Our supply chain partners are of equal importance to us and key to supporting the wellbeing of our workforce on site is recognition of great work. This is something that our site teams are proudly championing.

Last week, Isni Basha (Site Manager) for #TeamWilten, recognised the great work being done by Kastriot Nela of B&E Construction at our Brioche Pasquier UK site, rewarding him with Employee of Month and a free breakfast.

Great work Isni!

There is still a lot more to achieve with the #WiltenCare programme, however in our short period of trading we hope that this demonstrates our commitment to being at the front of continual improvements the construction industry still has to make with Mental Health & Wellbeing.

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