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Supply Chain Sustainability School | Wilten Construction

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

As part of Wilten Construction’s commitment to being a sustainable business, we have achieved a Bronze Level badge with the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

We will soon be engaging employees in the e-learning modules and online resources provided by the school to enhance skills and drive sustainable change as a team!

The four values that shape the Supply Chain Sustainability School are:

  • Collaborative: share knowledge and resources.

  • Impactful: deliver measurable benefits.

  • Inspirational: inspire and enable our industry to drive positive change.

  • Inclusive: exemplify respect for the planet, colleagues, and the wider society.

The school has over 175 major clients, contractors and suppliers that are collaborating through the school to tackle the environmental, social and economic sustainability issues we face in today's market. This is a fantastic learning and networking opportunity which can lead to drive positive change in our industry.

The school provides us with access to a wealth of knowledge and resources on sustainable practices within our industry.

Wilten are making a positive impact on our planet and society by measuring our emissions and cutting our carbon footprint in accordance with our Planet Mark accreditation. We are also actively engaging with local communities to deliver social value including local employment, skills development, and volunteering. Through these steps, we are committed to becoming a leader in sustainable construction.

To further demonstrate our commitment to making a positive impact on the planet and society, we are currently taking steps to prepare for our reassessment to achieve the Silver Level Badge with the Supply Chain Sustainability School and will be engaging with them to ensure we continuously drive positive change.

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