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National Careers Week 2024!

Wilten kicked off National Careers Week with a fantastic Careers Fair at Mulberry Woodside High School in Edmonton.

In collaboration with Construction Youth Trust, a few of #TeamWilten from Pre-construction, Marketing, and Site Management roles had the chance to engage with 240 students aged 13-14yrs to explore the diverse and exciting roles the Construction Industry has to offer.


The team shared their own knowledge and experiences within the industry, offering career advice and support to help guide the young people on future opportunities available within the industry and develop excitement about their future pathways.


We look forward to continuing to work with Construction Youth Trust and Mulberry Woodside High School as part of our Edmonton Project, where we will be hosting site visits to enable students to experience construction management and delivery roles within a live project setting.


In addition to our social value commitments, supporting the career development of young people in schools and colleges, we are committed to the career progression of our own workforce. We equip them with qualifications, training, and education, and support their leadership development to prepare them for progression and promotion through their time at Wilten Construction.


We highlight the journey of Sam Megeary who joined Wilten in its first year of operation and has since progressed from Commercial Manager to Surveying Director.

We also highlight some of our staff undertaking degree apprenticeships and courses; Wilten are fully supporting these individuals to achieve their career goals:


Xavier Brettle-West is undertaking a degree-apprenticeship in Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management and Nottingham university.

"Being a part of a Degree Apprenticeship helps me develop a more in depth understanding of my role as a Quantity Surveyor. The knowledge and exposure I am able to achieve from getting my qualifications this way is truly invaluable".

Laura Waite tells us how much her college course at Moulton College is helping her career development.

"My course has massively helped my development in becoming a certified estimator. I have grown in confidence in my job, but also in myself".


Join #TeamWilten in celebrating National Careers Week 2024.


Looking for a career in the construction industry? We'd love to hear from you!





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