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Ground-Breaking News from Barking

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Wilten Construction were delighted to host our valued client, Bridge Industrial, at a ground-breaking event in Barking last week.

Pictured L to R: Josh Partington (Operations Manager - Wilten) ; Naim Basha (Managing Director - Wilten) ; Paul Hanley (Partner - Bridge) ; David Sayers (Associate Project Manager - Bridge) ; Aisling O'Kane (VP, Head of Planning - Bridge) ; George Lyness (Site Manager - Wilten) ; Sam Megeary (Commercial Manager - Wilten).

Works were in full swing on the day, with earthworks nearing completion and vibro stone columns being installed by Roger Bullivant.

Once complete, the site will accommodate a distribution and logistics facility, totalling 48,000 sqft.

Paul Hanley, partner for Bridge Industrial, said:

"We are delighted to be working with Wilten Construction to deliver this best in class, last mile logistics building on a speculative basis.

This is our first project with Wilten and we have been thoroughly impressed with their professionalism and straightforward approach. We look forward to developing our relationship further with them in the future."

Naim Basha, Managing Director at Wilten, said:

"We are pleased to be on site for Bridge Industrial delivering their first UK development. Bridge is a key client for Wilten Construction, aligned to our future ambitions, and we are looking forward to setting the standard with our fully managed design service and best in class delivery, building for our successful mutual future and developing our relationship as a preferred supply chain partner."

The build is supported by project partners Eveson (client agent) , Burrows Graham (engineer) and Chetwoods (architect), and, with a build programme of 30 weeks, is scheduled for pre-Christmas completion.

Follow our blog for project updates (you can view our daily photo log and time lapse footage at Wilten Live | Wilten Construction).

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