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Brioche Pasquier UK Groundbreaking Ceremony: a story of success

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

In partnership with client Brioche Pasquier UK, Wilten Construction broke ground in August 2021 at the Milton Keynes site where we are proudly working as Main Contractor for the delivery of the Phase II 80,000 sq ft extension.

Hosting the Mayor of Milton Keynes for the occasion, the groundbreaking ceremony consisted of an introduction to Brioche Pasquier, existing factory tour and construction site tour, followed by the groundbreaking event itself in celebration of this meaningful construction project.

The UK expansion plans for Brioche Pasquier will see 100% of all product sourced from local suppliers and double current employment opportunities; manufacturing all product sold here in the UK from the Milton Keynes facility.

Brioche Pasquier is a company that has great corporate and social responsiblity at the heart of it's core values and invests substantially in to the local community, engaging with local schools and supporting both local and regional charities such as MK Dons Set, Harry's Rainbow and Macintyre to name just a few, something that #TeamWilten have a great respect for and fully intend to emulate achieve as we grow into the future of main contracting.

Industrial Director for Brioche Pasquier UK, Mr. Ryan Peters, commented:

Great honour to oversee the official ground breaking for the extension of our production site in Milton Keynes. #BriochePasquierUk
We are extending the factory and offices by 80,000sq ft which will enable us to bring more production lines to produce our fantastic products.
It will also add around 130 new jobs to the Milton Keynes area which is something we are proud to be able to do.
Being part of our community is always at the forefront of our planning.
Want to thank the team here and our colleagues in France for all their help and hard work to get where we are today.
Market leaders in an amazing and growing factory, producing the best viennoiserie products locally for our consumers to enjoy!
Also big thanks to the Mayor of Milton Keynes for officiating the ceremony and to our partners in the project #WiltenConstructionLtd, such a good team.

The Mayor of MK was very impressed by the rich history, local employment and community engagement Brioche Pasquier provides and was extremely supportive of the Phase II Extension works.

Interesting Fact: Brioche Pasquier UK has given over 27,000 tonnes of product to local charity in the past year!

Having been impressed by the event, Mayor of MK, Mr. Khan, commented in support of Brioche Pasquier UK on social media:

Yesterday I attended the ground breaking ceremony for Brioche Pasquier UK Ltd, a phase two extension.
If you don’t know Brioche Pasquier it is a traditional French family bakery founded in 1936, when Gabriel Pasquier opened his first bakery in the west of France.
Offering an extensive range in Brioche, Pâtisserie and Biscotte, Brioche Pasquier takes pride in delivering high quality bakery and dessert foods for every occasion.

Managing Director for Wilten Construction, Mr. Naim Basha, commented:

I am extremely proud to be delivering this prestigious project for Brioche Pasquier UK as they continue to build upon their success in the UK market.
Thank you to all involved in the groundbreaking ceremony, it was a special day for a valued client and deserving project.

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