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April | Stress Awareness Month

Wilten Construction champion excellence in Health, Safety and Wellbeing.

We would like to highlight and show our support for #StressAwarenessMonth.

Stress, anxiety and depression are the number one reasons for work related illness in the UK and it is on the rise.

It is a time to raise awareness and we encourage everyone to:

  • Speak up

  • Support work colleagues

  • Share coping mechanisms

  • Be kind

  • Look after yourself

Wilten Construction take the mental health of their employees very seriously. Wilten have Mental Health First Aiders both on site and in our head office who are able to provide immediate one-to-one support to those who need it through our Wilten Care Programme.

If you know anyone that may be struggling there are people at Wilten Construction that will listen and a chat may be just what that person needs.

“Remember it is ok to ask for help."

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