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Wilten Construction joins the Planet Mark Community

To mark Earth Day 2022, Wilten Construction have decided to #investinourplanet and make the journey to #netzero.

We have taken the leap and are in the process of working towards #planetmarkcertification.

The Planet Mark certification is a three-step process (Measure // Engage // Communicate) involving the following:

> Calculating and measuring our carbon footprint

> Setting true net zero targets

> Creating a net zero action plan

> Annual independent review against net zero targets

> Offsetting any unavoidable emissions through carbon removal schemes

The aim is to become net zero and every year to aim to reduce our carbon emissions by 2.5% to renew the certification.

We are currently in the data collection process, and we will be working with Planet Mark to reach the data submission process in June.

We aim to be net zero by 2030 and are currently working towards this by recycling, ethical sourcing from suppliers wherever possible and minimising waste.



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