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#TeamWilten welcomes Teja for work experience

#TeamWilten were delighted to have Teja for her work experience placement this week.

Teja has an interest in design and was keen to explore the branding, marketing and design aspects of the business.

During her time with us, Teja spent time shadowing #TeamWilten's Assistant Quantity Surveyor Lydia Fry, who provided exposure into what a career in construction has to offer the next generation, and hopefully will inspire Teja’s career choices of the future.

Project Manager Simon Barnett pictured above explaining some of the construction activities taking place at our Oakham project

As part of her placement project, Teja was given the responsibility to source, cost and recommend to the owners several branded goods to help with the continual development of our business brand management.

Teja rose to the task and took on an Excel spreadsheet (never used before) to present her ideas and costed recommendations to the Directors, which were all successfully accepted.

In addition to this, Teja was taught how to edit the website and create new content, used recently on our most recent website changes.

Teja also attended pre-order meetings and explored a number of our live construction projects to gain a fuller experience of the business activities and a better understanding of the various types of construction roles and options available to her.

Here's what Teja had to say about her time with Wilten:

*What have you done?*

"Whilst in the office, I attended meetings, looked at how to edit Wilten’s website, priced how much it would cost to personalise stationery and designed a notebook whilst sharing my opinion. I also learnt how to use Excel and DocuSign."
"I visited two sites (Oakham and Brioche) where I walked around with the Project Manager and QS. I also viewed maps on Procore to see the progress on each site."

*What did you enjoy?*

"I enjoyed attending the meetings and sitting in the pre-order, as you get to see what happens behind the scenes. I also enjoyed having an input in the design of the notebooks."

*How has this inspired you for the future?*

"Matt and Naim showed me how to design a website for the company and let me have a go at editing."
"I was inspired with web design, as this was something I hadn’t thought about doing before, and would consider in the future. I also very much enjoyed visiting the sites and am interested in a career within the construction industry."

Lydia Fry commented:

"It was a pleasure to welcome Teja into Wilten Construction and gain valuable work experience from all of those around her that form part of #TeamWilten. Having transitioned into construction following a career in education, I was proud to pass on some of what I have learnt over the past 8 months and demonstrate what a varied, challenging and rewarding career the construction industry provides, especially for an aspiring young woman."

We look forward to sharing the results of Teja’s placement project and hope to welcome Teja back in the future!

Well done Teja on completing a successful placement!



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