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#TeamWilten celebrate International Women's Day and our exceptional team of Wilten Women.

This year to celebrate International Women's Day we sat down with Laura Waite to see what her experience has been like so far as an Assistant Estimator.

Pictured L to R : Laura Waite (Assistant Estimator) ; Lydia Fry (Assistant Quantity Surveyor) ; Heather Stewart (Commercial Admin) ; Lydia Fry (Assistant Quantity Surveyor) ; Millie Phillips (Marketing Executive).

Laura is 23 years old and joined #TeamWilten in February 2022, her initial role was in admin and aftercare support before her potential as an Estimator was discovered. Laura's role is largely office based but she also can be found out and about on tender site visits.

Why Estimating?

"I moved from aftercare to estimating after I was offered the opportunity by Matt and Naim. I knew this would progress my career and this is something I was really keen to do to see where it would take me.

I originally come from an engineering background so it was a new experience being part of the construction sector and especially getting involved with estimating. I wanted to make the most of the opportunity I was offered, create a career for myself and strive to be the best at what I do".

What does a typical day look like?

"Every day is different which is something I absolutely love about the job. Some of my tasks include; updating the tender tracker when a new opportunity comes in, updating all enquiries, opportunities, and cost plans. I will then read through the specification of the tender to familiarise myself with the key things to note and also what is needed to complete the tender.

I estimate all the different measures; Foundations, Drainage, External Surfaces, Kerb, Fencing, Floor Finishes, Wall Types, Finishes, Ceiling Finishes!

I complete the subcontractor enquiry documents, listing all drawing numbers, descriptions, subcontractors and trades and also key information about the tender. I'll then chase up subcontractors for quotations for tender enquiries that I've sent out. If it's needed I will go and visit tender sites which is super fun and this can be both with and without the subcontractors. I'll get all the quotes, correspondences, and submission requirements added to Procore and then complete a tender submission document, this includes our Contractor’s Proposals, Site Logistics Plan, our CSA , BOQ and Programme.

Finally I'll arrange a Tender Handover meeting once we have been awarded a tender, create action plans which will help the relevant people being assigned to that project, and help with any questions and info in the early stages of the project, if needed".

How has your experience been in the Construction industry so far? What's been your favourite part?

"Wonderful! Especially at Wilten! Career progression is one of Matt and Naim's biggest pushes as they want to give people an opportunity. This is the main thing that drew me to the construction industry and again especially Wilten.

Everyone supports and lifts each other which is one of the reasons I love working for Wilten. Personal growth is a big thing for me, and when I look back after only 5+ months of estimating I am really proud to see the progression I have made, this has been helped by the amazing support the whole team has given me. I am super excited to keep learning and progressing within the industry. Next I will be aiming for my degree and becoming more familiar with the technical aspects of the job, there is so much more to learn which is another great thing about estimating".

The Construction industry is male dominated, what advice if any would you give to other females wishing to start a career in Construction.

"Be brave and be part of the industry – I have worked in male dominated industries since I started work at 16! It has its ups and down sides, BUT there are more wonderful people than bad. I really enjoy working in the construction industry and what it has to offer, it's been very kind to me.

Most guys have been lovely to work with and really offer the help that you need, both subcontractors and my more experienced male colleagues, I really appreciate the help from them. I don't think I can really give any specific advice apart from work hard, know your stuff and show everyone what you can do!

I really would recommend the Construction industry to everyone and especially young females looking to start their careers!".

Pictured L to R : Victoria Beresford (Commercial Manager) ; Josie Ronald (PA & Receptionist) ; Millie Phillips (Marketing Executive).

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