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Staveley Junior School Site Visit

Staveley Junior School visit local Wilten construction site in Staveley, Hartington.

Wilten Construction had the pleasure of hosting 15 pupils from Staveley Junior School on site in Hartington to give an insight into the varied career pathways the construction industry can offer.

The afternoon included a site tour, design a hoarding competition and a 'hunt the risk' assessment activity. The winning hoarding design will be incorporated into the main site hoardings on display for all to see.

Yesterday's site visit will be followed up with a School Assembly run by the Project Manager and HSEQ Manager at Staveley Junior School in December to give the opportunity for further insights and learning opportunities.

Staveley Headteacher, Sue Parkes said:

"What a fantastic opportunity for our children to visit the local Wilten Construction site in Staveley. Once the offer had been made they worked really closely with us and were able to put the exact careers focus into the day that we had asked for. They worked with us brilliantly so that the day was pitched perfectly to the age of the children and communication was excellent all the way through. The children had the most wonderful day, they were enthused by everything they saw and one young man even wore the hi-viz vest he was given to school the next day. They have been able to tell everybody all about the different trades on site and the timescales around putting up the buildings. Can’t thank those who put it all together enough".

HSEQ Manager, Darren Callis from Wilten said :

"We had a fantastic afternoon, the children were exceptionally well behaved and hosting the pupils on site was a pleasure. It was great to take them through a full Health & Safety talk to help them understand why safety on site is so important as well as really highlighting the many different jobs the industry has to offer – there’s lots more to it than just laying bricks".

Wilten Construction are proud to be supporting schools in the local community and really look forward in doing so on more of our sites in the future.

Keep an eye out for the Staveley Junior School's winning hoarding!

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