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Leicestershire Education Business Company (LEBC) World of Work visit site at Pioneer Park!

Wilten were delighted to host two schools from the Leicestershire Education Business Company (LEBC) on site at Pioneer Park for two World of Work industry day visits.

During both visits 25 students visited site to learn more about the Engineering and Construction Industry.

The aim of the afternoon was to introduce the young people to the different careers and opportunities available in the Construction industry in a fun and interactive way.

The students were taken through a presentation to help them come away with a better understanding of the variety of jobs that are out there and the skills needed in our area of work. The presentation covered an introduction to Wilten Construction, Jobs roles, Health and Safety, and a talk from our Site Manager & HSEQ Manager.

The students took part in a tour around the site with our Project Manager to witness activities relevant to our industry and were shown what typical day to day responsibilities and tasks were.

Leicestershire Education Business Company said:

"Wilten Construction’s input was part of a much larger event which takes a lot of organisation and preparation, and without Wilten Construction’s help we wouldn’t be able to give the students such a valuable opportunity to learn first-hand about the Construction industry and the world of work. The team at Wilten Construction have helped LEBC to inspire young people and provided the students with ‘food for thought’ about their future career. Whether the students discovered a new job they had never heard of before, found out more about a career that interests them or feel more confident in communicating with adults not previously known, every student will have benefited from the events. The activities Wilten Construction ran with the students have helped challenge young people’s incorrect assumptions about the Construction world of work and even challenged some students' stereotypes about who they think is suitable for certain job roles in construction. All of the students who attended the event are coming up to a crucial age where they will need to decide what they want to do after college, and the experience Wilten Construction provided will be vital in supporting them to develop their decision making skills and help prepare them for their next steps. LEBC are indebted to businesses such as Wilten Construction for generously dedicating their time, skills, and energy to support schools and the local community through supporting LEBC School Events".

Wilten were really excited to hear the wonderful feedback from the students that attended the site visits.

"I always thought construction was a male dominated industry so it was nice seeing a female worker there, and knowing that there are many opportunities for females in the construction site".

"I really enjoyed the tour of the construction site, it was interesting to see what stage the construction workers were at, and the video we watched of a site being build from start to finish was cool!".

"I enjoyed hearing how Wilten employees keep one another safe on site, and why they wear specific uniform. I hadn’t considered the role of a Health and Safety officer before visiting the site".

Sandra Rieger, Senior Economic Regeneration Officer at Leicester City Council said:

"As part of the Constructing Leicester initiative, the City Council is working with contractors and partners to maximise the positive impact of the many major capital investment projects being delivered across the city. The aim is to help deliver a successful programme of work placements; curriculum support activities; apprenticeships and jobs, and to ensure that local people are able to access these opportunities. The City Council is working with Wilten Construction, a Leicestershire-based main contractor. Wilten Construction are currently building Dock 3, 4 and 5 at Pioneer Park in Leicester. So far, the initiative has helped to create 1 new local job (i.e. Banksman / Gateman) and deliver 2 curriculum support activities, which involved hosting school visits via LEBC, the Leicestershire Education Business Company. The school visits took place on 29th June and 12th July 2023".

Wilten Construction are proud to be strengthening our community profile and contributions to our Corporate Social Responsibility! We look forward to continuing to do so in the future.

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