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#TeamWilten welcomes Simon Barnett | Project Manager

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

We are pleased to welcome Simon Barnett, Project Manager, to #TeamWilten!

“I am really excited to be joining #TeamWilten. I look forward to adding value to the company with my 30 years of construction experience and becoming a valued member of the team. The Directors want to do the best for their clients and supply chain, treating them with the upmost respect and bringing the correct morals into construction, which was a big part in my decision to join #TeamWilten.”

We are equally excited to welcome Simon to the Team!

Director, Matt Fry, said, "Having worked with Simon previously, I was eager to bring him into Wilten Construction. Simon is a likeable, hardworking, boots-on-ground Project Manager who treats everyone he works with respectfully and with an excellent track record for delivery and safety. I have no doubt that Simon will deliver consistently with the Wilten Promise & Values we commit to achieve and will be an asset to #TeamWilten as we continue to build for the future."

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